PMAA Training Resources

PMAA Student Training Guides are available for sale at the office. Two comprehensive and complete manuals which highlight Precision Martial Arts Academy’s full curriculum and promotion requirements from White Belt to Black Belt. A must have for all serious and dedicated students wishing to truly learn the art of Taekwondo and to one day achieve the prestigious honor and privilege of earning and wearing a Black Belt!
Taekwondo Belts


Training Videos for each belt level curriculum. 

A special thanks to Taylor Sadler, Jacob and Francis Tamaray for assisting in making these training videos during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

White Belt to Yellow Stripe Curriculum

Yellow Stripe to Yellow Belt Curriculum

Yellow Belt to Green Stripe Curriculum

Green Stripe to Green Belt Curriculum

Green Belt to Blue Stripe Curriculum

Blue Stripe to Blue Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt to Red Stripe Curriculum

Red Stripe to Red Belt Curriculum

Red Belt to Black Stripe Curriculum

Black Stripe to Black Belt Curriculum