JULY 16, 2020

PRECISION MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY has made a very difficult decision, that is to wait until September to RELAUNCH our World Taekwondo and Fitness Programs.  We will adhere to all safety recommendations from AHS, Coaching Association of Canada and Taekwondo Canada.

This COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly changed many lives and given much uncertainty to what the future may have in store for us all.  I am asking for your patience and understanding as I am working diligently and cautiously on all the logistics for the BEST time to REOPEN for in-class instruction. It is not as simple as creating a schedule and away we go. I am taking into account the latest recommendations and weekly updates from AHS, Coaching Association of Canada/Sport Canada/Taekwondo Canada’s “Return to Play” policies and much more.

Click here to see the latest COVID-19 New & Updates from AHS.

Things to Know:

PMAA has invested in several AHS recommended/Hospital grade sanitizing solutions with multiple spray bottles located throughout our facility, plus multiple hand sanitizing stations, gloves and masks if needed.

  • PMAA will be investing in dozens of NEW Colored Kicking Targets for student use (Ex. Partner A holds RED Target / Partner B holds BLUE target – Never sharing or touching same piece of equipment, then sanitized between EACH class and at end of night).
  • We will be selling all used paddles for a BLOWOUT RATE… please e-mail me at derektkd@gmail.com if you wish to purchase – 1 for $15 and 2 for $25 (as is) / Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black. Will fully sanitize while wearing mask and gloves, place in a bag with you name on it. Willing to deliver for additional $5 or arrange a time for curbside pick up or wait for classes to resume.
  • PMAA’s schedule will have a15 minute break between each class for equipment sanitization and student change over.
  • Parents and siblings will NOT be permitted into PMAA to sit, wait or view classes. Viewing room will be CLOSED during our relaunch (until further notice), hopefully only for the first while. It will be a Drop Off / Pick Up scenario at the beginning. There will be someone to greet your children at the entrance to have them wash their hands and direct them into class. Same at end of each class.
  • Any Membership/Administration business or Pro Shop purchases will be via e-mail correspondence (scans), and E-mail transfers or provide credit card info that we will process for you, This is to eliminate ANY contact or need to come in to use debit machine. Cash will be accepted by you placing it in an envelope and giving it to your child to bring in to me, and I will send out any change if needed with a receipt and copies of signed documents.
  • There will be NO CONTACT SPARRING and as such, students will be asked to bring only a SMALL Duffle Bag vs. bulky gym bags with these items only (until further notice). On that note… I am sure there will be NO TKD COMPETITIONS for the remainder of 2020! We will still teach and train in Sparring Strategies, Technique/Tactics and Philosophy/Game Management in more of a traditional Non-contact / Fun free-form sparring to ensure NO CONTACT or CLOSE proximity.  Please bring to each class: Uniform, Belt, Water Bottle, Fist-Forearm Guards or Adidas WT Fighter Gloves or Boxing Gloves (Students are highly encouraged to purchase his/her OWN gloves for training progress and safety)

For now, I wish for everyone to continue to be diligent in minimizing your outings, maintain your Social Distancing, wear a mask to keep you and others safe while out in public places and follow all AHS recommendations. Please know that our World will improve, our day-to-day habits will be restored (normality) and it is vital for our health AND our Children’s mental health and overall well-being that we ALL (Children & Parents alike) get back to a regular/ongoing Fitness routine, particularly our Taekwondo & Fitness practice at PMAA for our Mind-Body-Spirit and VITALITY! This can not nor should not be compromised. I intend on having our one-stop Fitness & Martial Arts shop back in business and back in ACTION and stronger than ever for you and your families to have fun, stay healthy, be fit and have positive character and skills for life!

 As always, thanks for your time, understanding, loyalty and support.

 Master Derek Sadler, ChPC, PFT


NEW – Website pageTraining Resources

 Tons of information with printable PDFs

  • Training videos for each belt level Curriculum & Promotion Requirements


 Practice, review, study and know your Promotion Test Requirements & Expectations

  • When ready to test, contact Master Sadler to request a Virtual Promotion Test Application Form
  • Log your hours of home training and be prepared to submit to Master Sadler along with your Promotion Test Application Form when ready to test
  • Send Promotion Test Application Form filled out and signed to Master Sadler at derektkd@gmail.com
  • Send Promotion Test Fee as an E-Transfer to Master Sadler at derektkd@gmail.com and provide a password
  • Upon receipt, Master Sadler will personally phone to confirm Student’s readiness to test and confirm a suitable date and time to proceed for a FUN-filled Family inter-active Zoom Testing
  • Master Sadler will set a Zoom Appointment to facilitate the Live/On-line Virtual Promotion Testing
  • Student should be warmed up/stretched and prepared to start upon Zoom Meeting Log-in
  • At conclusion of testing, we will have a Debrief to ask questions, share positive feedback and areas for improvement as well as next steps in your Taekwondo Journey
  • Upon successful completion and Debrief, Master Sadler will send via mail, your new Belt, Certificate and next Belt Level Curriculum Sheet along with the next Belt Level Video Link.
  • Promotion Test Fee includes Virtual Zoom/Private/Live Promotion Test with Master Sadler, all relevant Student training resources/curriculum, promotion certificate, belt, shipping and handling fees for Canada Post. Expect 4-7 days for delivery.


 In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Master Sadler has reduced his Private Training Rates.  $45 for a 50 minute PT Session, via Zoom.

  • Please contact Master Sadler at (780) 983-5424 or derektkd@gmail.com to book an appointment.
  • Payments will be made by E-Transfer ONLY to derektkd@gmail.com prior to any session being initiated.  Must provide password.
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