Kindly Submitted Testimonials

I am picky about what activities my children are involved in and can say unequivocally that Precision, Master Sadler, and all his great staff are the bench mark in the game of martial arts, leadership, respect, and confidence building. I am grateful that my children learn how to be better citizens through his teachings. You get much more than physical technique. Anti bullying, acceptance of all those around you, and pride of ones self are fostered here. Your child will hold their head higher, be more aware of their surroundings, and be able to tackle some of life’s tough challenges with clarity by taking classes at Precision; and if you observe one of his classes you too will be better as his teachings are contagious, energetic and motivating. Great job, I am proud that my girls are part of this stand up organization!

Ryan Dudka

Taekwondo Parent

Precision Martial Arts Academy was recommended to me by a friend of mine.  We are so grateful to be a part of it.

Master Sadler and his team go above and beyond for their students and families.

The Precision Team is amazing. One night when I went to watch my son at his lesson 2 of the Instructors were doing videos to submit to Taekwondo Canada.

The Precision Team sets their students up for success and they do this by excelling in their teaching skills.  My son has gone from a student who did not want to work… to a student who loves being there.  The Precision Team makes learning fun. The students work hard.

Every student gets individual attention and when they are invited to for a Promotional Test.  The Precision Team works overtime to see that they are prepared.  Every person at Precision Martial Arts is devoted to the business.  Jan (administration) knows all of the kids by name.
She is so welcoming and friendly to anyone who walks in the door. She was a huge part of the massively successful Halloween Party that brought in so many families we almost needed another building.  My son still talks about it.

I have done some of the adult programming too.  I can’t wait to return to Core Kickboxing.
Now that is a fun class.  I just found out Master Sadler’s wife teaches Pound on Saturday mornings and as soon as the weather gets better I am there.

Precision Martial Arts is not only a one note studio. They are a “Fitness Family” and as soon as you walk in the door you become a part of it.

Tanya Lafontaine

Taekwondo Parent and Core Kick-boxing Class Participant

My two children have attended Precision Martial Arts Academy for about a year and a half. My daughter is doing so well she is already part of the leadership program!! It has taught both of my children how to be strong and disciplined and to have respect for everyone including themselves.

Master Sadler and his instructors are the best in the business and treat each child with dignity and respect and as one of their own. My kids will stay in as long as they want and promote on a regular basis! I recommend their training to EVERYONE!!!! Enjoy!

Debbie Sheldon

Taekwondo Parent

Amazing place for kids. Has given my older son a new confidence he never had, and my younger son an outlet for his crazy energy! Love the importance placed on respect and compassion for all, among all the other valuable life lessons the coaches teach. Will continue to take my children here for many years, and would recommend this school to all.

Melissa Prebble

Taekwondo Parent

PMAA is an exceptional high-quality Taekwondo school teaching children not only about the sport, but also about discipline, perseverance, dedication and anti-bullying strategies while building confidence, social skills and life-long relationships.

Jennifer Potocnik

Taekwondo Parent

When a kid looks forward to going there every day and makes progress every day, you know that it is a Thump Up place, a 5-star place where you should put your kid in.

My son Alex started with Precision Martial Arts Academy (PMAA) when he just turned 4 years old. That was exactly a year and a half ago. He first started in the Little Panthers program for 4-6 years old. As a parent, initially I was just trying to find a sport program to burn out this little guy’s energy. A friend from PMAA recommended us to PMAA. When we arrived at PMAA for the first class, Alex did not want to go in the class. But both of Master Sadler and Carter Sir were so nice and patient with him. At the end of the class, Alex did not want to leave and told me that he wanted to come to Taekwondo class every day. I was so amazed that Alex accepted Taekwondo after one class.

With the great coaching from Master Sadler and his instruction team, Alex has learned so much and now he is already at his Blue Stripe belt and moved up to Children Intermediate class. Master Sadler inspires Alex so much that he wants to be a Black belt like Master Sadler.

Master Sadler and his coaching team are very professional and very good with kids. Master Sadler, Master Sarah, Chris Sir, Paulo Sir, Carter Sir, and Mae Ma’am are all greater instructors. Alex loves every single one of them and the great Leadership Team as well. Jan and Janet, these two beautiful front desk ladies, are always so welcoming. To us, PMAA is like a family. I feel safe to leave my kid there as I know that he will be well taken care of and well coached as well.

Now PMAA is in its new location in St Albert. When I first heard that they were moving, I was worried about the transportation and did go to a couple of other Taekwondo places to check. At the end, we chose to stay with PMAA because we finally know that PMAA is the best Taekwondo School for Alex. We were thrilled with new facility: great location, spacious training room, Second floor open viewing area with big TV live streaming.

All students at PMAA are really disciplined. Every penny you pay is worthy because PMAA does teach your kid well, not just Taekwondo skill but also helps to build great characters.

Thank you very much!!! Master Sadler and PMAA family!


Korin Chen

Taekwondo Parent

I guarantee you will have a good time in Core Kick-boxing! Derek is amazing at what he does and very welcoming. You will definitely leave here after each class with a smile on your face.

Jessica Monsen

Core Kick-boxing Class Participant

Master Sadler…

“Thank you so much for all the help and guidance this month. I was very apprehensive but you sure made me feel welcome! I have taken the AI course as well as the DC course this month and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! I was so nervous coming into the class, since I don’t have a lot of experience with coaching or sparing. But you made everything fun and easy to understand, and although a lot of the program was advanced for me, and definitely more information then I need at my current level, I never felt out of place! Thank you so much for your support and guidance, I would definitely recommend the AI course to anyone looking to expand their Taekwondo knowledge and/or personal growth! I look forward to joining you again. I would absolutely take any course you were teaching! Thank you again!”

Shaune-Marie Hiebert

Family Taekwondo, Westlock, AB.

Even though we are a small, ‘out of town’ group, Master Sadler came to our venue to present a self-defense workshop for our 4-H Club. We are a group of varying ages, boys and girls, and Derek connected with them individually and as a group. As they learned some skills and gained some confidence their smiles grew bigger! Thank you for sharing your time and skills with Whoop It Up 4-H Multi Club!

Shauna Hayman

Whoop It Up 4-H Multi Club, Thorsby, AB

“Master Sadler has provided a pathway to becoming a better instructor and coach. I started the journey of NCCP certification after learning that you need to be Dojang Coach certified to coach at Nationals. Having athletes that want to compete at that level I thought it was something that just needed to be done, but after going through the Assistant Instructor process with Master Sadler, I soon realized that the content of the course was excellent and it was making me a better instructor. My classes are better, my focus on the delivery of the content is better and I have seen a definite improvement with my athletes as a result of this course. I would recommend that everyone that is teaching, coaching or owning a dojang take the steps needed to become certified. Thank you Master Sadler for your support and enthusiasm towards the NCCP certification process and making it a journey worth taking.”

Ben Couturier

Assistant Instructor (AI) Certified, Red Deer Champion Taekwondo

“Master Derek Sadler’s Assistant Instructor Workshop was extremely beneficial towards my completion and success of the Assistant Instructor (AI) Portfolio. Throughout the course it was extremely evident that Master Sadler has immense experience in Taekwondo instruction, and he delivered the material in ways that kept me interested, entertained and feeling very knowledgeable.
Upon recently completing the AI Portfolio, Master Sadler did an excellent job encouraging me along the way, and giving me a kick in the butt when I was slacking. Master Sadler has done an exceptional job preparing me for the workload this course has to offer, and I would recommend anyone looking to further their skills as an instructor to take Master Sadler’s course and complete the portfolio!
You cannot deny that every instructor can be taught ways to further their skills, so what are you waiting for? Make yourself, your students, and seniors improve by taking Master Sadler’s course which he has spent many hours perfecting to relay the best and most efficient material to you to prepare you for the National Coaching Certification Program’s Assistant Instructor Portfolio.”
A. Couturier

Assistant Instructor (AI) Certified, Red Deer Champion Taekwondo

“Master Sadler has been an excellent trainer, guide, and resource throughout my professional development journey with the NCCP Courses. I am so grateful for his tutorship and inspiring passion towards continuing personal and professional growth. He is a blessing to the martial arts community in Canada.”

Jonathan Rivero, BScOT, OT (C), Certified Trauma Specialist

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Qi Creative Inc.

“Master Sadler Sir,

I wanted to take a moment and say thank-you for the hosting and facilitating the AI and DC NCCP courses this past weekend.
It very much helped clarify the whole NCCP training vs. certification process and what was necessary at each stage as well as what should be included in a Portfolio. I learned a tremendous amount about coaching and found the interaction with other Taekwondo coaches and their perspectives to be of great value.

I look forward to progressing from the trained stage to the certified stage and appreciate the offer of help along the way. It was encouraging and motivating to hear the excitement in the room from the other coaches about how they want to integrate their new knowledge in their own Dojangs!  Thanks again Sir and all the best”.

Jim McLaughlin

Owner/Head Instructor, Griffin Taekwondo

“I am very thankful that my husband found PMAA, both my girls love training there, they have a spring in there step as they run into class. Everyone is a family all the kids get on great with each other and they are always very welcoming and helpful when new students arrive. The energy of Master Sadler even got my husband back training for his 2nd Dan (he hasn’t trained in 10yrs) this has made a huge difference to our family. I know that we will be part of the PMAA for a very long time.”

T. Murray

“The staff and people at PMAA have become like family to me. My son and I have been training with Master Sadler for over 4 years and I would never go anywhere else. TKD and Master Sadler changed my life. I am so grateful for everything I have learned from Martial Arts and the team at Precision.”

N. Dziuba

“Our school, St. Edmunds has been working with Master Sadler for years now and every year the students acquire new skills that they are able to build off of. While discipline is key, the kids have a great time developing new skills in this highly interactive program. With Master Sadler being so knowledgable in his field and relatable to the kids, it truly has been an exceptional experience. I would highly recommend Precision Martial Arts Academy for students of all ages as the skills learned are useful for all ages and students of any athletic ability.  Thanks Derek.”

Dave Felice

“I consider this my home, everyone at precision, whether students or families of students are all wonderful, great respect and courtesy. The atmosphere is very positive and uplifting, and creates a great learning experience for people of any age!
The head instructor, Master Derek Sadler, is the most humble, respectful, and is very skilled. Certified and even helps teach the required material to lead, he is hands-down the best around. Master Sadler is always ahead of the “game”, continually finding new techniques, new exercises, as well as new challenges that always keeps Precision interesting, challenging, and most importantly FUN. Master Sadler has invested a lot of time, into the school, and is probably the best anywhere. Precision is NOT one of those bs schools that will forcibly restart a transferring student in order to gain money. Precision works to building character, and good citizens as opposed to creating athletes that lack discipline, and respect. At Precision, we concern ourselves with safety and health, to create a good environment for anyone, and everyone.

I honestly believe that without Precision I would not be as healthy, and be the person I am today. From my own experiences, Master Sadler has always been fair, and just. Enforcing school rules and creating a very great sense of community at the same time.”


“Derek, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the change you have caused in ou daughter. She is completely more confident and outgoing very much because of tkd. Hence the amount of family that are now the girls age joining or have joined.  We had parent teacher interviews and the girls teacher also commented on such a change. Thanks again buddy.”


“Precision Martial Arts Academy offers an incredible cultural/community experience that is hard to find elsewhere. I am always pleasantly surprised when younger students offer assistance and/or encouragement to anyone in need. In this day and age it is rare to see. I have been searching for a place like PMAA for a long time and regret not joining earlier in my life. PMAA’s Tae Kwon Do makes exercise fun and I find my endurance, strength, flexibility (to name a few) improving with every class. I highly recommend PMAA to all ages!”


“PRECISION MARTIAL ARTS ACADAMY! Professional and absolute quality, PMAA is a truly amazing, one of a kind, martial arts school! From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated with respect and courtesy! The energetic, experienced and dedicated Master Derek Sadler and his highly trained team of instructors will welcome , inspire, and motivate you! At PMAA you will learn the art of Taekwondo in a safe and caring, yet dynamic, high energy environment! PMAA encourages people of all ages, fitness level and ability to train, learn and bring out their full potential! Come check out PRECISION MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY and make an amazing and positive change in your life, for life!”


“Best workouts I’ve ever had. There’s always some laughs as well, and of course Derek’s legendary positive energy that permeates the room. It’s cool to be learning real martial arts technique, and it feels good doing it too. And you know how sometimes you just feel like punching something? Well you can! Good stress relief!”


“PMAA is the place to come and learn Tae Kwon Do. They make you feel at home and its really like one big family. The classes are loads of fun and a good way to get out and let off some steam and meet some great people.”


“The instructors at Precision are all great and Jan is so friendly. I love this place.”


“Derek constantly pushes you to get outside of your comfort zone, push past any mental limitations you may have imposed on yourself and reach your highest potential. Even though the class is intense you are always encouraged to work at your own pace. Derek is excellent at providing students with modifications to various exercises to accommodate for any physical limitations they may have and he is constantly encouraging growth in his students. Not only is Derek a great instructor, but he also becomes a great friend, someone you can count on for guidance in other areas of life. You really get a full circle, well rounded experience when you become a part of the PMAA family. There really isn’t much more I can say, except get out there and try any of the classes offered at PMAA, you won’t be disappointed and you’re guaranteed to find something suitable to your own tastes and physical abilities.”

Tabitha S.

“Derek`s positive, upbeat and endearing personality will welcome you to Core Kickboxing and immediately put you at ease and make you part of the group. With his vibrant energy and passion for fitness and martial arts, Derek sets the tone for the class and gets everyone pumped, charged and ready to take on any and all challenges!  Derek`s fun and engaging style combines with his indepth experience and knowledge to bring out the very best in all who participate in Core Kick-boxing at PMAA!  All of the techniques, exercises and drills are expertly taught with safety in mind, as well as with modifications to suite all fitness levels.  No matter where you are starting from, Derek will challenge, push and empower you to take yourself to a higher level, not only in fitness but in your life as well!  Come and take your place in the fun, exciting, powerful, and life enhancing experience… that is DEREK’S CORE KICK-BOXING at PMAA!”

Jeannette T.

“You can not imagine the difference in my daughter’s life since starting your program. She is happy to go to school, the name calling and pushing/shoving has all but stopped and she is happy she doesn’t have to wait till she is 30 to start dating, just till she earns her black belt!  But seriously, the confidence she has in herself, I think, has changed her life at school. Thank you! Our family was blessed to have found you, your program and team”.
Our other daughter loves the classes and did a book report at school on a book with ninjas because “I liked this book because I also do martial arts!”

“The Core Kick-boxing Class at PMAA has been a part of my routine for almost longer than I can remember now.  It is a constantly fun, ever-changing and motivating class to participate in every week.  Derek’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness and martial arts is contagious and the motivation from both him and your team of classmates facilitates a great workout week in and week out.  Just when you think you are not going to be able to do something, you try it, without a second thought about how difficult or painful it could potentially be, and there it is…success!  I’ve lasted and enjoyed this training as long as I have (8+ years) because it’s exciting, challenging and you are constantly motivated to improve yourself and to help others succeed as well.  Thanks Derek for pushing us to be the best we can be, every class!”

Carey P.S.

“The Core Kick-boxing classes at Precision are so much fun and such a great workout!”

Sylvia M.P.

“PMAA is a place where you MUST come and learn.”

Khanh P.

“As a Facilitator for National Coaching (NCCP), I was VERY impressed with the professionalism, organization, knowledge, and core principles that PMAA has in place. Every child should be so lucky to learn from PMAA.”

Chris A.M.