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PMAA’s Junior Program

PMAA’s Junior Program focuses on developing our exceptional teenagers between 12 to 15 years of age.  This class is designed to bring out their very best attributes, and challenge each student to be the best they can be in class, in society, and in life!  The following will describe the benefit to attending this innovative and exciting class. Students outside of this age group may be invited at the sole discretion of Master Sadler.

The earlier class time for the Junior Open class is scheduled specifically to accommodate this Junior High / High School aged group of students and will allow for improved personal time management.  This will let them be home in the evenings to enhance their study habits and homework application, encourage better eating habits (afternoon/evening snacks), and add more value and appreciation towards their Martial Arts and Fitness Training at PMAA. The students will be able to train with peers and classmates of the same age, who share and understand the same challenges and pressures.  Homework overload, groups and relationships (“fitting in”), peer pressures, bullying, and self esteem are just some of the areas we will address in this class.

Another area I am excited about is the physical conditioning and fitness components that will be intensified in this program. Many students this age spend their time and energy socializing, phone texting and playing video games, which may affect their full potential in school (grades/marks), and their overall fitness.  Our goal is to channel their energy in a productive, progressive, and positive learning atmosphere.  ALL students in this program will gain a greater sense of self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence by achieving and accomplishing more goals than ever before.  Since these students are older, they are challenged and motivated by instructors to really be the best that they can be!

Through a combined integration of new fitness training methods and dynamic martial arts techniques, each student will be challenged and motivated to push harder, so they can gain a greater sense of determination, perseverance, and respect for self and others.  Instructors will also integrate mental, cognitive and emotional development to help our students grow and succeed.  This class WILL BE high energy, dynamic, challenging, and FUN!

Finally, this Junior Program will enable students to develop a strong rapport and bond/unity with each other, which will promote leadership qualities and bring out positive role models.  Please be sure to arrange your time to accommodate this new schedule as this is the only option now for this age group of students.

PLEASE NOTE: Other than the obvious, such as experience, years of training, and knowledge, in this new program, BELTS MEAN ZILCH in this class. Students in this class will check their egos at the door…meaning that everyone is equal and will be challenged the same.  The difference will be that curriculum will be applied and taught based on level, and senior belts will offer leadership, support, and motivation along with instructors.  Students will be expected to maintain a serious, positive, and mature attitude in their training, towards their classmates, and instructors.  The next stage from here is eventually joining the Adult Program or Black Belt Club.

* MOST IMPORTANT TOOL: For your information as many do not even know they exist…

Students are required to know several different aspects of our curriculum at every belt level in order to qualify to be tested and promoted.  The absolute best way to prepare and be ready is to purchase PMAA’s Student Training Guides (in the office).  There are 2 extensive manuals, the first being a White Belt to Blue Stripe Guide and the second being a Blue Belt to Black Belt Guide. Each consists of the complete detailed curriculum and promotion requirements for every belt rank.

* Truly a must have item for ANY STUDENT planning to stay at PMAA to achieve a Black Belt!  Please purchase your Student Training Guides today to ensure personal growth and success at PMAA and in life.

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