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Guidance on Leadership Development (GOLD).

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PMAA’s Leadership Team involves on-going training in theory and practical study through a program called Guidance on Leadership Development (GOLD). The GOLD program’s central focus will be on teaching PMAA students ages 12 and above valuable leadership skills through martial arts and fitness training. Some exceptions to this age may be applied to exceptional and devoted PMAA students at Master Sadler’s discretion. 

The GOLD program will incorporate a team of select students known as GOLD TEAM MEMBERS (LEADERSHIP TEAM). These students will receive extra school-related benefits and will be able to attend special classes that teach personal development, effective communication, leadership skills, motivation, how to teach our school’s belt curriculum to other students, and much more.

GOLD Team members will be considered the leaders of our school and will be trained to assist in classes along with our Professional Instructors. This will greatly increase the GOLD Team Members’ knowledge of how to perform and apply their own martial arts techniques, as well as provide many additional leaders to assist the regular students during classes. That’s a true win-win for YOU and PMAA!

If anyone is interested in being considered for PMAA's prestigious Leadership Team and believe that you'd be an asset to our Team and can make this committment, please write a one page essay on WHY you want to be on our Leadership Team and WHAT you can offer to the students at PMAA. Hand this personally to Master Sadler for consideration.